Short Bio

Believe it or not Charles Benito “Beato” Bonafacia was born deaf. That’s a great first line for a bio about a musician isn’t it?
Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s true. It was just an ear infection hat prevented him to hear. It’s not like he needed ear implants or anything.
So anyway, Beato is a playful singersongwriter who also happens to be a audio engineer. What a plottwist hah. From being born deaf to audio engineer.
Beato is his third name which in spanish means a level just before becoming a saint.
Beato has a long past in music, and now he is recording his first solo EP.
His music can be heard on youtube and soundcloud but he is also very active on twitter and trying to be as active on facebook.
If you want to become a BeatoFriend, you can put your signature of support on this website. It’s just €1 per month.
Your support helps with things like better equipment for better quality music and videos. You can cancel at any time by logging into your account and removing your payment info. So you have nothing to worry about. BTW the music will always be FREE.

Please don’t donate if you’re low on money – I know what that feels like – and please don’t feel like you have to. I will keep on making music videos whether you donate or not, they just might be a little bit better and more frequent if you do. Please don’t donate anything if you’re strapped for cash and certainly don’t feel obliged to support my work in this way. I am able to keep on making this music because of YOU.

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twitter: @beatomusic

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