Alesis M1 Active 520 USB Review

I bought these speakers back in 2012 and I have to say they are still sounding great. I do all my producing, mixing and mastering on these Alesis M1 active 520 USB speakers. Of course I also listen everywhere else, but these are my main speakers.

The sound is clear and honest. The mids sound rich, the highs are clear and the low end keeps it’s end of the deal. You have to remember that these are 30W two way speakers with only 5″ woofer. There’s a bass boost switch on the back side, but I find that it throws off the balance when I use it for mixing. But it’s great to impress clients when you’re showing them that new beat. Also, the thing that made this an easy buy for me was the USB connectivity. It’s plug and play and works with any DAW. I use Cubase and FL studio.

The only thing I can complain about is that the cable in between the two speakers is just right if you’re sitting at a workdesk. I wanted to sit a little more in the room, but then the speakers would have to be set wider apart, which  is impossible with the length of the cable. And when I tried to use a longer cable which I had laying around, the sound was really bad.

So yeah, but other than that, if you’re looking for a set of great near fields with clear highs, rich mids and appreciable low end at a great price, I highly recommend these… Which are the same speakers I am using at the moment. If you want to know more about the Alesis M1 Active 520 USB active speakers you can use this link.

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